DA Melt Down


DA Melt Down
Granger purchased melt down from Dolorosa Arabian as a 3 year old. He was to be her next Country English horse. She showed him a couple of times in that class and "Melty" let her know that this was not his career of choice. So at the next horse show, Granger decided to just tack him as a Hunter Pleasure horse, braid him up, enter the class, and see what happened.
After that they showed in the Hunter Pleasure division for a couple of years and had a great time. Melty then decided that he was bored with Hunter Pleasure and that he would really like Dressage. He spent about six years of his show career as a Dressage horse, and really seemed to enjoy this type of work. He was schooling second level when he struck a career ending health issue.
Granger lost Melt Down when he suffered from an extreme case of founder. Melty was the big, bay gelding that Granger could go to when she was having a bad day, sit in his stall, and he somehow made everything better. He was a great listener and the perfect kisser! He would move her hair around on her head with his muzzle while seeming to say "life always gets better".
For many, it is a once in a lifetime experience to have such a close, personal relationship with a horse, just between the two of you. We know Melty is up with some of his other barn mates prancing around a Dressage arena with perfect footing; his favorite thing!